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The Komiža international summer course was recurring for 4 consecutive years between 2011 and 2014, and is bound to return again soon to the island of Vis, Croatia, in one form or another...

Yeah I know I'm late with this blog, but after two dinners a meeting and bar kidnapping I just wasn't able to get back to the computer to write it. So here you have it, morning edition for the previous day.

Like you have probably deducted from my previous posts we headed out to the island in the morning, this time with two boats, for it was time to shoot the scenes where the two fishermen are in the boat.

The writing of these blogs is being done later and later and the writing is becoming harder and harder. Should take a break from all the daytime activities for a bit before I burn out.

The morning started with another filming session on our tiny island and it went smoothly apart from a few stray tourists wandering on the set. Well, until we had to leave that is. At that point we received information that there’s no boat coming to pick us up. Hooray for being stranded for two extra hours that are eating in to your planned timetable for the day (no blame can go on the crew, it’s all them silly sailors’ fault for being unreliable like the weather)


With the morning ritual firmly establish (jog+ swim), we began a new day. This morning I went with the film crew on a scouting expedition to the small island where the short film will be shot, and when I say small, I really mean it. You can cross it in a few long strides if you want. Before heading back to Komiža, the boat (250 horsepower, 50 miles per hour, yippee ki yay cowboy) took us to a wild beach where we gathered firewood necessary for the filming, where each of us could have gotten themselves replacement footwear and towels, even a beach umbrella.

Mentor dr. Peter Purg in študenta Peter Mišic ter Jaka Žilavec se redno oglašajo z delavnice, ki letos že drugič poteka v Komiži na hrvaškem otoku Visu. >> Spremljajte njihove bloge >> Delavnica poteka v okviru mednarodne mreže Video Vortex, zasnovala sta jo priznana umetnika Dan Oki in Dalibor Martinis. V procesu razvoja lokacijsko specifičnih video instalacij, performansov in različnih kratkometražnih filmskih oblik sodeluje šest univerz, ob Visoki šoli za umetnost Univerze v Novi Gorici še akademije iz Zagreba, britanskega Brightona, Reke, belgijskega Genta in Splita. Delavnica bo predvidoma nadaljevana v letih 2013 in 2014, tudi v sklopu projekta ADRIART.
>> Aktualna podstran Komiža New Media Port na vsu.ung.si  (povezave na bloge, video)
>> Več o delavnici/projektu v 2011 (arhiv)

7.7.2012 – 0100 CET


Time to invade Komiža. Last check-up of the personal equipment for the mission ahead. Everything was a-ok. Hopped downstairs and waited for pickup. Pickup was late, but that was to be expected. When Jaka finally arrived in his gangster white Renault 19, it was time for operation Tetris, part 1. After that we zoomed towards peterP arriving there still somewhat according to the time table (0205). Operation Tetris, part 2.

THE CATHARSIS OF NEPTUN was a site-specific* performance-based installation presented within Komiža New Media Port (Video Vortex Summer School) 2011 in Komiža, Vis, Croatia on 30.8.2011. After delivering a pilot performance at the „Boris Mardešić“ town gallery with drinking 0,7 liters of seawater, the installation was presented at the seafront riva, both in the Komiža dialect and in English, following these (Fluxus-inspired) guidelines:

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