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The India Is Global Challenges were launched in 2011, allowing people world over to send in videos and photographs that spoke about their personal idea and experience of India. 'India Is' is an initiative by the Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The initiative highlights the soft-power of the country – that which allows one to gauge the influence of a country's culture on people in countries abroad.


Since 2011, the India Is Global Challenges have hosted two video Challenges and two photography Challenges. These have united the world on one subject – revealing its stories and moments with amazing integrity and depth. Participants from over 60 countries have shown each other some of their most Indian thoughts and memories.


The fifth Challenge is the India Is Global Video Challenge 2013, and this year, we open the doors to stories from around the world again, albeit with new themes.


The themes for the India Is Global Video Challenge 2013 are -


India Is…Timeless 
India connects with a person's soul. Through music, sciences, art, conversation and people, it's India's soulful nature that catches one’s attention. Industries like medical tourism, religious yatras, and meditation camps let you peep into India’s soothing facet. Set in suburban and rural areas along the country, ‘India Is Timeless’ lets you find what connects them to the land.


India Is Youthful 
India is a land that oozes youthfulness. With this theme, the participants are encouraged to capture the energy, vibrancy and the colours of the Indian spirit. Come delve into this aura of the Indian Youth.


India Is Undiscovered 
A special point for most photographers who travel into the undiscovered parts of this magnificent country, 'India Is… Undiscovered’ reveals India's rich natural heritage to the world. Through documenting animals or landscapes, here's a theme that can encourage participants and viewers to UNDISCOVERED take a look away from the cities.

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