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Mooste KulalisStuudio (MoKS)
Residency possibilities

Several calls are up now

Residency Studio A

The Residency has operated since 2002. For 2011 artist/organisers from around the world are encouraged to apply. The studio is available to use free of charge from March 1st through November 30th. Residency periods can be arranged from 2 to 6 months. People working in all disciplines of art, e.g. visual, performing and media arts, music, criticism, research etc are encouraged to apply.

Application deadline for 2011 AIR period is October 15th 2010.

Studio A Conditions

Artists are expected to find their own means for travel and per diem for living/insurance costs for the residency. MoKS can help with some materials and special tools on previous mutual agreement. MoKS occasionally gives out artist grants for residency period, but it depends on MoKS current year budget.

Studio A Space

The main studio space (41m2) is furnished and heated by a wood stove. There is a bedroom (17m2), kitchen and bathroom supplied with mattresses, bed linen, blankets, towels, cooking utensils and washing machine. The artist in residence stays in the bedroom and has access to the kitchen, studio space, media lab, and bathroom. Occasional events such as workshops or Open Studio days may require the resident artist to temporarily share the facilities (artists will be notified of the conditions previous to arrival). All the rooms have internet access (wireless and wired). Medialab facilities include: miniDV camera, PC with digital video and sound editing possibilities, video projector, TV and DVD/VHS player, and stereo sound system.

MoKS studios are spacious and comfortable, which allows for a concentrated working atmosphere. The climate conditions in Estonia vary throughout the year from 30+C summer to -30C winters. During the colder months the resident artist should be prepared to handle the conditions (bring warm clothes). Basic tasks such as accepting village life, building fires to heat the stoves, cooking and shopping are part of the daily routine. MoKS guests are expected to be responsible, independent and adaptable to living and working in a foreign, rural village which can be socially isolating at times.

NOTE: MoKS is located in a rural community and does not have van or car. Arrangements can be made for special transport needs but at the expense of the resident. Otherwise residents should be prepared to travel with local public transport.

Project Studio B

Studio (B) is open since summer 2008. This studio is rented out for shorter and mid-term residencies and/or artistic projects (1 week up to 3 months). Rental costs for 2011 January- November (incl) are as follows: renting studio maximum for 2 weeks costs per person are 7eur per day(including maintenance costs). Renting studio more than 2 weeks cost per person is 5eur a day (including maintenance costs). Extra person cost is 4 eur per day. If you wish to rent studio B please contact us for conditions: moks [at] moks.ee Applications to studio (B) are on running basis.

Call for Baltic-Nordic residency at MoKS

This an open call for artists from Nordic and Baltic states to apply for a 2 month residency.

What we are looking for: The MoKS residency is open to artists, organizers, curators and researchers of all artistic and creative disciplines. While our residency program is oriented towards contextual work with environmental or socially engaged practices, we also offer a comfortable concentrated atmosphere suitable for writing or research.

Who is eligible: Three residencies are being offered for residents of Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Aland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Available time period for 2 month residency: February, March, April

What we offer:

- cover of travel costs up to 200 euros
- monthly stipend 800 euros (to recieve stipend and travel costs the artist must stay in the residency a minimum 85% of agreed time)
- spacious and comfortable work- and livingspace
- access to MoKS equipment and assistance for realisation of the project.

To apply please send us:

- Brief text explaining your reasons why do you wish to participate in MoKS artist-in-residence program and your objectives for the residency period
- Preferred residency dates
- Curriculum vitae (a CV indicates your artistic experience, education or work experiences abroad)
- Previous work samples: photos, CD-rom, DVD or mini DV tape, texts, web links
Applications should be sent to the e-mail address below, deadline of applying November 15th 2010.

Recidency / X-OP

Call for X-OP residency 2010 at MoKS: Center for Art and Social practice

Herewith we would like to invite artists, researchers, experimentators, tinkers, thinkers, organizers, etc, to apply for a residency at MoKS.

What we are looking for: People who are interested about researching and carrying on experiments on sustainable models of operation. Be it either in soft or hardware, in social or physical structures, human interactive processes or engineering techniques- we are looking for creative models of sensitive change and evolvement.

Proposed time: 1-2 months, from february till july 2011

Facilities offered: monthly grant 500 eur + free studio space and apartment

Deadline for applications is November 15th, 2010

Rok prijave: 15/10/10, 15/11/10

Evelyn Müürsepp
Põlva maakond
64601 Mooste
tel: (+372) 5 138 599, (+372) 5 138 457

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