Objave z oznako "Ghetto"

Upon the shoulders of the pioneering 11-12 edition Venetian Connection and the 12-13 Passione the "Hidden Lives of Venice on Video" created one more omnibus of short documentary films - capturing un(dis)covered stories in and about the oldest Jewish Ghetto in the world. 

The omnibus of the final year of the HiLoVv project deals with the complex and delicate topic of the contemporary Venetian neighbourhood called the Ghetto, which with its specific history gave name to the notion of the Ghetto as we know it today. The Ghetto celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2016.

 Festival PIXXELPOINT v gosteh na šoli // Filmi o beneškem Ghettu z Rajkom Grlićem // Prototip igre GRAB.ROG.LAND // Animateka v Gorici // Podjetniški duh v novem projektu IDEATE // Magistrski program v polnem zamahu // Izvenštudijski cvetober // 

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