Objave z oznako "performance"

11.11.2016 at 20h
at KIblix, international festival of media art in Maribor, Slovenia

–- participative (performance) lecture

October 3, 2016; gruentaler9, Berlin, Germany

a site- & time-specific performance

(Komiža, 2014)

The performer is sitting in front of the Reading Room (Čitaona) on the main port street of Komiža, reading The Economist magazine.

(The case of ADRIART site-specific workshops for European Capitals of Culture | LARA BADURINA & PETER PURG)

This video work was created at the Komiža New Media Port (Video Vortex Summer School) in Komiža, Croatia, in July 2012. The site-specific piece is framed into a mini-performance and installation situation (looping an a 22"screen with headphones and 2 carafes on each side, gradually filled up by author/performer with port seawater, brought in with a sardine tin can -- to be seen in a separate docu-video).

Just like last year the School of Arts participated in the Komiža New Media Port (Video Vortex Summer School) international gathering in Komiža on the island of Vis, Croatia, July 7-15, 2012. Lead by renowned artists Dan Oki and Dalibor Martinis the summer school joined 24 students and mentors from 6 art schools (Zagreb, Brighton, Reka, Gent, Split, Nova Gorica) in an 8-day multi-process of workshops, research-based productions, conceptual experimentation, and good fun.

"Nimamo za tehnorevolucijo. Nazaj k naravi! Novo prvinskost iščemo v sožitju med bio in tehno. Riba ne misli, riba ve."

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