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Upon the shoulders of the pioneering 11-12 edition Venetian Connection and the 12-13 Passione the "Hidden Lives of Venice on Video" created one more omnibus of short documentary films - capturing un(dis)covered stories in and about the oldest Jewish Ghetto in the world. 

The School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica offers a three-year Bachelor's Degree programme in Digital Arts and Practices and a Master Degree programme in Media Arts and Practices.


The omnibus of the final year of the HiLoVv project deals with the complex and delicate topic of the contemporary Venetian neighbourhood called the Ghetto, which with its specific history gave name to the notion of the Ghetto as we know it today. The Ghetto celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2016.

The second edition of the HiLoVv - Hidden Live(r)s of Venice educational project was devoted to capturing un(dis)covered stories about the manual ingenuity of the Venetian "creative industries". In Xe El Violin we learn from Riccardo Guaraldi about the traditional art of making violins. Shoes to Measure presents Giovanna Zanella and Gabriele Gmeiner, two high-end craftswomen shoemakers who make everything by hand. Sweetly Salty shows us a brave start into the meticulous business of a pizzaiolo and Solo Perle the integration of an immigrant as maker of glass pearls. Delicate surfaces presents Peeta, a successful painter and graffiti artist who, due to safety issues, now only makes graffiti as commissioned work.

Getting digitally dressed up for the "Designs on eLearning" 2012 conference at the University of The Arts London (Sep 5-7, 2012) under the motto of "Crowd and cloud: towards a collaborative future":

Our first plunge into the HiLoVv - Hidden Live(r)s of Venice educational project leads us to interesting encounters:
On one of the Venetian lagoon islands, the Finotello family produces vegetables and delivers them across the sea to their fellow citizens. Elisabetta is the third generation of florists at the infamous San Michele cemetery island. Modou is a Nigerian immigrant who reveals a few tricks of the bag-selling trade to the filmmakers. Riccardo Bonini is a fireman who thought he knew everything about his profession until he came to work in Venice. In the canal city we also meet Francesco and Lorenzo, two “tree doctors” preserving the Venetian gardens, and in Angelina we meet Dino who wanted to break the family gondolier tradition but could not resist the calling.

* HiLoVv - The Hidden Live(r)s of Venice on video Where can we leave our garbage when leaving the villa, we've asked our host. Hmm... Oh, just leave it here, we're gonna do it. It's too complicated to explain... Of course, they have to be careful with their waste. But, on the other hand, some say that the floods do a great job, cleaning the city...


After two months of research-based script development about the "Hidden LIve(r)s of Venice", on November 21 2011 students from three universities and several countries met in the floating city to produce 6 short documentaries about Venice, its interesting professions and personalities..., all under the mentorship of the renowned film director, professor Rajko Grlić

Practice-oriented studies in the three-year Bachelor of Arts programme Digital Arts and Practices enable exploration in three branches: the film environment, creative industries, and contemporary art, through four carrier modules: animated film, videofilm, photography and new media

Visoka šola za umetnost izvaja dva programa: program prve stopnje Digitalne umetnosti in prakse z nosilnimi moduli fotografijaanimacijavideofilm in novi mediji ter kot njegova nadgradnja program druge stopnje Medijske umetnosti in prakse.

The School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica is a dynamic school offering up-to-date studies with regard to teaching methods as well as teaching staff. In fostering our students' development, we pursue a personal approach, support e-learning, are intermedia friendly, and practice interdisciplinary cooperation.


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