New Platforms of Art Education for Urban Reflection

New Platforms of Art Education for Urban Reflection


(The case of ADRIART site-specific workshops for European Capitals of Culture | LARA BADURINA & PETER PURG)

In the crisis-stricken transitional societies, art and cultural production in general are pushed to the background, as topics and forms of reflection or possible interventions against the downward spirals of (de)civilization, propelled by the (post)capitalist appropriation of the public (and the) space.

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Among other possible responses, special attention should be placed on the development of new (forms of) artistic study programs and broader academic practices that reflect on this problem. One of such methods may be found in the so called “mobility” courses in public spaces that are based on “site-specific” approach – such as international workshops, developed and pilot-tested in the project 2011-2014. Here they are presented as a form of direct academic-cum-artistic response to burning societal issues.