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Marko Por is currently a Slovenia based freelance illustrator and designer. His inspiration mostly comes from skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, nature, travel and women. Although he wasn't always into art, he has always been a creative spirit, which basically means, he prefered doing things his own way. He discovered art through customizing his skateboard decks, which quickly led to his first digital creations. He is now attending his last year at the School of Arts in Ljubljana, after which his dream is to travel the globe, contribute to society through art and just making life count.

Girl Called Vague

A fantasy portrait practice.

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Naslov zajame bistvo.

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Misfit's Heart


Misfit's Heart ( is an interactive audio-visual web project, where pages, panels, text, moving images and sound work together to convey a story.

It's an animated webcomic (hypercomic), where one can enjoy the magic of loopable GIF animation supported by the power of code.