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Metod Blejec

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Metod (b. 1979 in Ljubljana) is a hybrid creative who works across experimental thinking, art, design, education and consultancy. His interdisciplinary practice explores innovative concepts, strategies and formats of how to challenge oneself, and engage in an exchanging dialogue. In 2007 Metod finished his masters at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and have since worked internationally as a solo creative and in co-working practices with individuals and groups. Currently he is engaged in several co-working practices in experimental art, cultural research, visual design and organization. Metod is based both in London, UK and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If the Old Won't Go the New Won't Come


Voicing the message “If The Old Won’t Go, The New Won’t Come”, as a state-specific proverb directed towards contemporary China. It is mirroring its meaning back to the recipients who are inadvertently reinforcing it. This statement, or an aphorism, is functioning as a reminder that progress is inevitable and in some places inevitable regardless the consequences.