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EMINDS is a project applying student centered innovative approaches to develop Higher Education and VET students’ entrepreneurial mindset.

The project will develop an applied study module at the intersections of ART, SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, combining methodologies and practices that will intertwine the academic sphere closely with the industry realms of the Culture and Creative Sectors. Nurturing a competent perspective on the historical, economical, social and above all cultural relevance of this interdisciplinary blend within the new digital shift, the MAST project will apply innovative, ICT-enhanced teaching and learning methods.

PAIC je multidisciplinarni projekt, ki raziskuje in razvija rešitve za kulturno regeneracijo zapostavljenih in deprivilegiranih skupnosti ter odgovarja na vprašanje, kako lahko umetniške prakse pripomorejo k osvežitvi njihove kulturne identitete. // “Participatory Art for Invisible Communities” involves 4 partners from different EU countries in the development of multidisciplinary and multimedia participatory art activities with the ambition to “artistically instigate social change in deprived, alienated, isolated or remote communities”.


roject HiLoVv is supported by the European Union in the form of a Lifelong Learning – Intensive Programmes grant. I was part of the team when making a short documentary video. Six videos were made during this workshop, they are called “Discovering the Hidden Live(r)s of Venice”.
The unique island of Sant’ Erasmo, the so called coutryside of Venice, is where simple peope found a special way to make a living.

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