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Angers, France
Datum dogodka: 21-30 january 2011

Festival D'Angers
Festival Premiers Plans - 23rd edition

feature films, short films, student films, animated films


* European First Feature Films
* French First Feature Films
* European First Short Films
* French First Short Films
* European Student Films
* European Animated Films (Student films and first short films)


* Free Style (Experimental films)


The Holland Animation Film Festival is pleased to continue its web competition. HAFFTube, that’s where it all happens. HAFFTube is our official channel within YouTube. Next to the competition, the channel will be a place to find footage of past festival editions, trailers and contacts of the festival.
Deadline for submitting films is October 10. Visit HAFFTube and post your reaction!

The Chamber of Commerce of Valenciennes (North of France) organises the E-magicians festival from 30th November to 3rd December 2010. It concerns students enrolled in a European school, university or educational organisation specialised in animation, film or computer graphics. Students can choose by coming to France to present their projects or to send its.

There are 3 categories in which students can register: Videos - Video Games - Chained Animation.
Deadline: 15 October 2010

Animirani film Skrivnost iz Kellsa (Tomm Moore in Nora Twomey, Irska, Francija, Belgija, 2009), nominiran za oskarja za najboljši dolgometražni animirani film 2010, že na sporedu v Kinodvoru.

DVD release of animated films 1983 - 2008

My first (short) stop motion animation.

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