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Dr. Peter Purg, vodja modula Novi mediji na Visoki šoli za umetnost UNG, predstavlja na "Designs on eLearning" konferenci v Londonu. Več v blogih

A rude awakening after long but pleasant walk home, when London streetlights were conquered by moonlight, for a change. At least in my tempranillo-biased inward eye. No place to pee unfined, all potential shady corners occupied by homeless people, heads resting on unpadded concrete. Will they ever use ipads. For Learning.

Woke up through a nice stroll from Bloomsbury to Holborn, post-gentrified but (therefore?) inspiring with all those swarms of cyclists and runners. The (para)olympics must have hit hard the 21st century commodified consciusness. But behold the (neo)millenials don't run or cycle -- while pinching into their ipads, they don't look where they are going..

This is a lengthy documentary of this year's vŠUM which took place in CUK Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The footage takes us through the early stages of conceptualization till the epic night of the performance titled "Why Morgan Lehman killed Ruby Goldberg".
vŠUM is an artistic event brought to you by Visoka Šola za Umetnost, Univerza v Novi Gorici.

Just like last year the School of Arts participated in the Komiža New Media Port (Video Vortex Summer School) international gathering in Komiža on the island of Vis, Croatia, July 7-15, 2012. Lead by renowned artists Dan Oki and Dalibor Martinis the summer school joined 24 students and mentors from 6 art schools (Zagreb, Brighton, Reka, Gent, Split, Nova Gorica) in an 8-day multi-process of workshops, research-based productions, conceptual experimentation, and good fun.

Here we go, the last blog in the #KNMP 2012 series. Two days late because of all the partying after the exhibition and because I fell asleep behind the computer on the night of our return.

..the heat is rising, rising slowly..
..productionwise, weatherwise, premierwise.. ..all soaring towards a KNMP-brand guaranteed social hangover after tonight's farewell -- and its probable extensions at the Kamenice beach..

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