Objave z oznako "future"

Med 11. In 15. marcem 2019 bo v Novi Gorici potekala intenzivna mednarodna delavnica za študente na temo FUTURE.HUMAN@WORK - Rethinking, Art, Science and Technology for Social Europe v okviru projekta MASTmodule.eu, podprtem s strani Evropske komisije. Gre za razvoj magistrskega modula na področju umetnosti in znanosti ter tehnologije, ki bo prinesel nov pristop k izobraževanju za inovacije skozi umetniške pristope.

Just when I was thinking: great things are going smooth and on schedule, I am struck by being stuck at the airport terminal on Friday of the bank holiday weekend (that is an extended weekend in the UK). And I am thinking we are not impressed when systems crush on us and refuse sufficient information what is happening. As a result we get annoyed that we are not getting the service we all demand (yet alone deserve). This, however, allowed me to write a few thoughts down.

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