Objave z oznako "cycling"

Video and photo documentation of bike team Energija, while on their season preparation week in Strunjan, Slovenia.

A rude awakening after long but pleasant walk home, when London streetlights were conquered by moonlight, for a change. At least in my tempranillo-biased inward eye. No place to pee unfined, all potential shady corners occupied by homeless people, heads resting on unpadded concrete. Will they ever use ipads. For Learning.

Woke up through a nice stroll from Bloomsbury to Holborn, post-gentrified but (therefore?) inspiring with all those swarms of cyclists and runners. The (para)olympics must have hit hard the 21st century commodified consciusness. But behold the (neo)millenials don't run or cycle -- while pinching into their ipads, they don't look where they are going..

Getting digitally dressed up for the "Designs on eLearning" 2012 conference at the University of The Arts London (Sep 5-7, 2012) under the motto of "Crowd and cloud: towards a collaborative future":

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