Objave z oznako "experimental"

The exceptional inquisitiveness with photography as the then "new medium" is what makes Julia Margaret Cameron worth of Trust -- and we are humbled to be hosted by her trustees: Bob and Mary, while staying at Gail's superfab Room with a View (over the Freshwater bay and the "House", the venue of Visioneca, c. f. early morning pic from our window below). All this in a circle of hundred yards -- including Dimbola, where yesternight (after a hyperyummie fish pie + cake ++ by Mary) we attended a vernissage of local children's black&white photography workshop. Bob made a short speech, so much more to the point: how will they ever do anything important, and understand the importance of what they did, if they do not learn what was there before -- analog photography

Rabbit Hole is a short experimental video which deals with narration of images and recycled sound trough reuse of allrady made video/film material. It explores the link, symbolism and cooperation between image and soun. Rabbit Hole is the human abyss from which the social influences manifest on individual personality.
It is a socially reproduced speech, which leads our values and it is the force that drives the depths of humanity.

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