Razpis za art video festival v Atenah

Athens Video Art Festival 2011 - Call for entries

Rok oddaje: 10. februar, 2011

Continuing its route through the world of digital arts Athens Video Art Festival starts its journey for 2011 with the annual call for entries.

Submit and present your artwork for its 7th official organization that will take place during springtime in Athens and a tour across Greece will follow it up.

There is neither an entry cost nor a thematic limitation, whereas the categories are:

Video Art – Video Installations – Installations – Animation Digital Image – Performance Art – Web Art

Additionally, an opportunity is given to young musicians and bands to post their demos for the concerts of the festival.

Submission forms and comprehensive information can be given in the official website of Athens Video Art Festival, while entry forms will be accepted until February the 10th of 2011.

Athens Video Art Festival is the official festival of digital arts and new media of Greece that represents our country worldwide.

In the framework of plural not only visual and cinema, but also event tradition that highlight Greek production, Athens Video Art Festival was founded in 2005 in order to supplement one of the most evolving fields with the aim of promoting modern culture and managing to be a special activity.

It is a benchmark for digital cultural creation and it has been developed into the most innovative activity which promotes digital culture and new technologies in Greece. It takes place annually during springtime downtown Athens, whereas after the end of it, it tours around other big Greek cities giving the opportunity to their citizens both to get familiar with the most powerful aspects of modern art and to enjoy the experience of digital world.

Athens Video Art Festival presents to the youth of Greece a cultural event of high quality, aesthetics and social value. It is a «digital convergence» among all of the aspects of creativity, information and motivation (sound, image, new media, communication, interaction, education, voluntary) with both national and global prestige.

Video Art in Greece is one of the most favorite fields of cultural activities. This can be proved by the increase of both artists' and public's interest, who support Athens Video Art Festival either with their submitted at works or their attendance during its realization. The number of viewers, who attend to its annual edition, has outgrown 75000 people. The Festival is dedicated mainly to Video Art but it isn't limited to it as it includes in it program art works from the whole breadth of digital creation (Video Art, Animation, Digital Image, We Art, Installation Art, Performance Art).

Nevertheless, Athens Video Art Festival doesn't stop: presentation of the most important festival from worldwide with exclusive footage, academic tributes and special collaborations, music concerts and most of all imagination and experimental mood. Its innovation doesn't exclusively refer to a great number of artists only, who express themselves and promote their artistry, but to important tributes to personalities such as Bill Viola, Nam June Pain and Andy Warhol, among other, that take place annually. In addition, with the aim to familiarize the public with the academic aspect of cultural creativity and its educational development, Athens Video Art Festival expands its activities to the part of research and education.

To this day, it has gained the support by more than 7200 artists internationally, while its artworks database amounts more than 11500. The coexistence of artists from 58 different countries makes the festival a true celebration, an open dialogue and a multicultural youth interchange.

Athens Video Art Festival demands for itself the continuous pursuit of the best quality, with the aim of familiarizing the public with modern culture and increasing the space and ways of promoting young artists in a globalized community.

Nowadays, its seventh edition is being organized while every brand new edition is a daring step forward.

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