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One Minute Festival Brazil
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One Minute Festival now all over the world!

The One Minute Festival was created in 1991. It is today the biggest video festival in Latin America, having inspired minute festivals in several countries around the globe.

Since 2007, the Festival has become permanent, receiving films through its portal every day and giving prizes to the best works. In 2009, we gave almost US$ 50,000 in cash awards.

All videos received are evaluated by a team of curators and then published in our website. The One Minute Festival also promotes offline screenings in more than 200 cities in Brazil and abroad, exhibitions in museums, itinerant presentations, festivals in schools and universities, workshops, among other activities. Many of nowadays well-known Brazilian moviemakers have started their career by doing a one Minute film.

There are 3 contests this year:

Recipe in 1 Minute

Make a video for the theme RECIPE IN 1 MINUTO, you can win USD 5.000 in prizes!

Special prize of USD 2.000 to the best video about food reuse Make a special dinner for someone you like, meet friends to chat and make a quick snack, make a special recipe using each and every part of food to avoid wasting (food reuse), lose weight, make exercises, stop smoking, save money, travel ... What is your recipe?

Make a video for the theme RECIPE IN 1 MINUTO and send us your own recipe.

The constest is offering 3 prizes of USD 1.000 to the 3 best videos choosen by the curatorial team and 1 acquisition prize from Nestlé of USD 2.000 to the best video about food reuse.

Deadline November 30th.


Share your history in 1 minute!

USD 500 to the best video!

The theme is Autobiography, and the One Minute Festival wants to know your history, what do you have to tell about yorself.

The best video-autobiography will win a USD 500 award.

Until November 30th.

Free Subject

Free your imagination! The subject is free, you can choose whatever you want.

Submit your 1 minute video and you can win a USD 250 award + the minute trophy.

Deadline October 31st!

Rok prijave: 31/10/10 and 30/11/10

One Minute Festival Brazil

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