[Razpis] International Photography Prize, Galeria Cero, Madrid

Galeria Cero - International Photography Prize, Madrid

Deadline: December 30th 2010

CERO gallery presents the first Galería Cero International Photography Prize. The Galería CERO prize is launched into the art world as the largest monetary prize for photography in Spain, as its first prize is worth €18,000 and its second prize is worth €3,000. Furthermore, the first-prize winner is entitled to a solo show at Galería CERO.

It is aimed at young artists who have an original discourse and whose practice involves taking considerable risks. This endeavour completely exemplifies the spirit with which Galería CERO presents its exhibition project in Madrid, a project aimed at supporting emerging artists who face difficulties achieving acceptance of their work on the art market.

The jury consists of Alicia Murria (Director of the magazine ARTECONTEXTO and exhibition curator), Ciuco Gutiérrez (photographer), Daniel Canogar (visual artist), José Guirao (Director of La Casa Encendida), Mariano Navarro (critic and exhibition curator) and Agustín Pérez de Guzmán (Director of Galería Cero).

Galería CERO intends to offer this prize every year at this time. The terms and conditions can be found online at http://www.galeriacero.com/ . Works can be submitted from November 1st 2010 to December 30th 2010.

The Galería Cero Prize is presented in an effort to seek innovative photographic discourses and courageous ideas. It is an award for the most interesting new visions in the international art world.

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