Mobilnost v Evro-mediteranski regiji

Paris, France
Datum dogodka: 2010, 2011

The Roberto Cimetta Funda and Marseille-Provence 2013
Mobility Fund

call for application

In order to prepare Marseille Provence, European Capital of Culture 2013, the Roberto Cimetta Fund and Marseille-Provence 2013 have opened a joint Mobility Fund. This Fund supports artistic mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean region that links into the Marseille-Provence 2013 project.

This Fund is open to all artistic projects in the Euro-Mediterranean region in the following areas:

contemporary performing arts (theatre, dance, circus/street/puppet art) music, visual arts, digital arts, photography, film, new writing, playwriting, storytelling, poetry, trans-disciplinary projects.

It is run by the Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) and as such falls into line with the overall aims and criteria of the RCF. Additional criteria concerning the link with Marseille-Provence 2013 are as follows.

Specific criteria for the RCF/Marseille-Provence 2013 Fund Candidates that submit applications for a travel grant with the following criteria will be prioritized:

Projects need to be linked to the Marseille-Provence 2013 project and/or the concerned area of Marseille-Provence 2013 (which encompasses 130 local town from Arles to Hyères, through the Pays d’Aix.)

Priority will be given to the following directions of mobility:
- From a country on the South or East coasts of the Mediterranean to another country of the same geographical zone
- Form a country on the South or East coasts of the Mediterranean to a European country, preferably other than France
- Only in exceptional cases will mobility from a European country to a country on the South or East coasts be considered.
- The same applies for mobility linked to countries of the Arabian Gulf.

1) The aim of the trip must be to:

- Set up a project that has a constructive and long term impact (opening workshops/studios/cultural centres/networks…)
- Take part in an artistic residency within an international exchange programme.
- Take part in a meeting/conference involving artists and/or professionals with the aim of networking in the Mediterranean.
- Professional training (master-classes, workshops,…).

2) Date of departure
The trip must take place AFTER the Selection Committee.

3) Country of departure/destination:
- European countries including EEA countries
- Countries from the East and South coasts of the Mediterranean: Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey
- The countries of the Balkans: FYROM (Macedonia), Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia.
- The countries of the Arabian Gulf: (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen).

4) Type of project
The journey must contribute to capacity building and the setting up of long term arts and culture projects that will maintain and develop contemporary arts in the region. The applicant must draw new ressources from the trip that will enable him or her to return home and establish local initiatives that will contribute to a more dynamic cultural scene in his or her own country or region. S/he must agree to the transfer of knowledge and skills that have been acquired during the journey in a “networking” fashion that will gradually benefit connecting artists and operators.

5) Applicant profile
- No nationality or age criteria: Applicant lives or works in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
- Profession: performers, creators, teachers, cultural organisers, administrators, project leaders.
- Financial means: applicants who are unable to find the financial resources themselves.

6) Applications must be made on an individual basis by email. Only 3 members of a group can apply for a grant concerning the same project. A grantholder can only reapply twice. Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs if required (no local transport reimbursed).

Selection Committees are held during the course of the year.

21st December 2010 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/11/2010)
18th March 2011 (Deadline for receiving applications: 25/02/2011)
13th May 2011(Deadline for receiving applications: 22/04/2011)
16th September 2011 (Deadline for receiving applications: 26/08/2011)

If you want to apply, please visit the Fund’s website to download the “RCF/MP2013 application form” :

For more information on the Marseille Provence 2013 project, please check the following website

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