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A new ARTE website is coming soon - Arte Creative: seeks art students

This platform has three main pillars : user-generated content (selected artists and young talents, who have the possibility of creating and animating their own channel), partnerships (with universities, festivals, museums, art groups…) as well as journalistic pieces for the web (web series, interviews, news…).

For this new platform we are working on a project called 'Die Streberprämie' / 'Striver Bonus'. To show our support for young talents at art schools Arte Creative will be offering these 'Striver Bonuses' to students who can prove that they received top marks or an award or a prize for one of their recent creations (with a photo for example). The student can exhibit his or her work (video/photo, audio etc …) on the Arte Creative « Striver Bonus » channel and be awarded 300 euros. Each week, a new student will be selected to exhibit his or her work, along with a short descriptive text and the proof that the work received top marks.

Therefore, we are looking for art students who would be interested in this project and would like to particpate. If you have read this far, its sounds like you are interested, so why don't you write us an email ( or give us a call ?

Our main focus is videos, but we are open to all kinds of art – graphic design, paintings, sculpture, photography, new medias, you name it !

We are waiting for your emails and calls, so hurry up !
(We speak English, German and French)

Miranda Beckloff-Fritsch
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