Tiny island, tiny lighthouse

With the morning ritual firmly establish (jog+ swim), we began a new day. This morning I went with the film crew on a scouting expedition to the small island where the short film will be shot, and when I say small, I really mean it. You can cross it in a few long strides if you want. Before heading back to Komiža, the boat (250 horsepower, 50 miles per hour, yippee ki yay cowboy) took us to a wild beach where we gathered firewood necessary for the filming, where each of us could have gotten themselves replacement footwear and towels, even a beach umbrella.


Upon our return we had the joint meeting for the workshop which of course did not go as planned (missing/late/uninterested people) which somewhat ticked me off and I had to voice my dissatisfaction with the whole thing (even though I knew it wouldn’t change anything and as the evening meeting proved later, it surely did not).

With that behind us some of us just hung around in the bar, waiting for further engagements (myself going to the island again in the afternoon), so we just talked and shared ideas and pETER was finally able to get some internet time and write a blog under a heat (it was so hot we were basically melting) induced trip while also discussing my blog posts and listening in to my phone conversations (tsk tsk, good thing Katarina is such a nice lass). And as we sat there, we noticed an unusual rise in the number of fair skinned, blonde individuals walking around Komiža. As it turns out, tonight’s Swedish night in Komiža, so the village is being invaded by all the Swedes inside a 200 nautical miles radius, so they can party here like there’s no tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I’ll go and check it out myself if I’ll find enough battery power to do so.


And at 1540 (40 minutes behind schedule, surprise surprise) we went back to the island (this time a different boat), this time with actors and gear. And there under the scorching sun we went about shooting the film. And we were quite productive, as we managed to film six scenes, especially thanks to the two actors. The guys are 65ish or so and they acted there in long pants while the crew was jumping around shirtless and they did not budge an inch. Professional attitude from amateur actors. They really impressed me. When we wrapped it for the night, a third boat (tomorrow we’ll be going with a submarine or something) came to pick us up and bring us back to Komiža, to a late dinner and then straight for the evening meeting.
























And tomorrow is a new day, with another shooting session (I had to speak with Dinko about the whole thing since I can’t shoot two times a day if I want to do any of my own projects) and afterwards hopefully I mange to hike up the hill to the tunnels and take some photos (hooray for urban spelunking).


(A lot of () in this post)