The god in the wall

The writing of these blogs is being done later and later and the writing is becoming harder and harder. Should take a break from all the daytime activities for a bit before I burn out.

I mean, the filming session this morning was so intense I didn't even manage to obtain one single photograph to supply you with, so you'll have to take my words for it. We were extremely productive today, not only in the morning but the afternoon session (which I was not part of due to my expeditions uphill) as well. It went so well actually that we are done with the island, leaving us only with the boat shots (which will probably be finished tomorrow morning) and the underwater shots (Saturday). Hooray for us!

In the afternoon I hiked up the hills again under the scorching sun, but it was easier this time for my body appears to have gotten used to the abuse I am subjecting it to. Hopefully it can hold on until the end of the week. As I was walking uphill I came to a brilliant (maybe, we'll see) idea about my projects. I am going to put the photo series on the secondary track and will instead try to shoot a short movie about the last man in Komiža. I leaned heavily on Adrian's film project about a man who comes to Komiža to discover what happened to all the inhabitants of the island. Maybe we’ll even directly connect the two films, who knows. The main part of the whole idea that has been haunting me (even in my sleep) since yesterday’s trip to the tunnels was the face in the wall. So basically I’ll try to shoot the man’s journey to the tunnels and how he gets eaten by the god in the wall. Of course there will be more to it than that but I don’t want to spoil any surprises.

As I reached the tunnels I managed to get a few good photos of the tunnels and I also shot a test for the film (both are below [you'll see the test shot tomorrow, because the net here is horrendous and it would take me 1 hour to upload a 50mb file] in their raw form, I haven’t found any time for editing yet at all) and then it was already time to head back to dinner, cold shower and the evening presentations.



Which of course did not go as planned (surprise, surprise). First the key was missing and then the Belgians went and did a presentation of their past works instead of what we are working on right now. Somewhere in the middle of it all the workshop leaders disappeared to who knows where and then we also had to listen to the mentors presenting themselves and their work (which wasn’t agreed upon yesterday either). But at least I got positive feedback on my projects, so I guess that counts.

Afterwards I actually took some time off and we went to listen to the end of the TBF’s act (as Dalibor put it “a Dalmatian-rap band) which were rather underwhelming, though supposedly their studio albums are way better than their live performances, so I suppose I’ll give them a try when I get back home to an internet line that’s better than 20kbps.

If the god in the wall does not devour me first.

P.S.: SS Čalamadé has been repaired and is in operating shape once more, hooray!