Space radiation

The morning started with another filming session on our tiny island and it went smoothly apart from a few stray tourists wandering on the set. Well, until we had to leave that is. At that point we received information that there’s no boat coming to pick us up. Hooray for being stranded for two extra hours that are eating in to your planned timetable for the day (no blame can go on the crew, it’s all them silly sailors’ fault for being unreliable like the weather)


Due to this setback my departure towards the tunnels was delayed by two and half hours, which meant that I started hiking uphill at 1330, in scorching heat and right-above-you sun. Gathering my supplies (4 litres of water, snacks and equipment) I set up after leaving some safety instructions with pETER. While I can assure you that it was a most special experience I can also assure you that I’m not too keen on repeating it (though probably I will have it if I want to visit the tunnels more, and I do). For one, the sun somehow scorched me through all the defensive measures before, on the island, which meant that hiking under the sun was even more unbearable. But I made good time, reaching the tunnels in 90 minutes, quickly scurrying in to its shade and cool winds.


After refreshing myself with water and snacks I set out to re-explore the tunnels and taking pictures. I think (didn’t have time to even look at what I got) I managed to get some decent HDR photos and my experiments with lights and flash (despite me only having one flash and one flash light, result below). Aaand I also discovered a new shaft within the tunnel which leads to new areas to explore, hooray! So I’ll have to return again and continue working, despite having planned to visit the second tunnels/bunkers tomorrow. Not that I’m complaining or anything.


Unfortunately the fifth hour of the afternoon caught up with me and I had to pack up and descend towards Komiža or I would have missed dinner and triggered the first alert. So back we went under the scorching sun, only that it had moved for a bit in the time I was underground. And as I was nearing the garbage dump I was surprised to see our Čalamadé approaching. But it wasn't any of our guys in it, but the Belgian delegation plus Mary. We exhanged a few words and then went our separate ways, them wanting to get to the tunnels, and myself to get off the killer sun. And just as I reached the safety of the hotel I was unpleasantly surprised by the news that the car broke down. Of all the luck…

Being too tired to deal with it (and unable to do anything about it really) I went for a cold shower and dinner, followed by a well deserved ice cream on the riviera before I headed to the evening meeting where there were quite some discussions on the future ways of work (60 second presentations of our up to date project work) that I must say am quite looking forward.

And now I’m off for a drink and sleep, if my arms don’t fall off due to all the space radiation I absorbed today.


Enjoying your blog immensely. Keep up the good work.

peter please make sure to get jaka's 0:59 videotrip cut of our tunnel chase, backed by džildo's hack of my ultrafab percussion group's jamming -- online and linked here asap! I think it's one of the best stuent/adhoc chorts I've seen, actually.. but you (lookers on) must stay tuned 4 our 5 minute video meditation upon jaka's sleep of the just (crew member) vs. dinko's phonecall (of an angry director), it's premiering tonight, 2 b online soon, in cinemas near you..