Post window

Well, we survived the windows ordeal without too much harm done, and we even got a place that might have internet (if we manage to get the password to the wireless). After having moved all the equipment to the Galerija (double locked doors ahoy) we sat down and had the formal introductory session, with everyone speaking in turns and all that jazz.

After the introductions we somewhat explored the possibilities for project, wishes and ideas, which was quite fun. It was nice watching people slowly open up the more we talked. We finished by deciding on a trip for the afternoon, and boy, what a trip did it turn out to be.


Driving up the road behind the monastery we ascended the hill up to the garbage dump, where we began descending towards the old bunkers and tunnels that are riddled all over Vis (the island being a stronghold throughout the ages, from Venetian times, WWII and the Cold War). First we visited a large Cold War tunnel/storage which quickly captured our imagination and already new project ideas began flying around.


But for myself, the best part was when we descended in to the WWII bunkers. Three of them on a hill overlooking the sea, all of them connected underground with a myriad of tunnels and corridors. Of course myself and pETER had to explore them thoroughly while filming our exploration. We also tried t o film a pilot for a possible project of mine, where a scared man is running for his life through these claustrophobic, unlit tunnels. So engrossed we were with exploring these sites that we almost missed our dinner (for which we negotiated the previous so that we would be all able to partake of it at the same time). The dinning hall chief was not pleased at all. But hey, we found some amazing places and ideas for our projects.


Here's a short part of the video we shot exploring the tunnels


After dinner we gathered at the Galerija where after an annoying episode regarding keys (the general Ordnung und Disziplin is generally lacking so far and I can’t say I’m too thrilled about it) where we discussed further our new ideas, experiences and vision for the future. I myself have also been apparently recruited to assist with the filming of a short film by Dinko (hope I find the time and energy for all the projects).


And now as I’m writing this, I’m surrounded by pETER’s percussion workshop and I must say I’m quite enjoying the background music/noise.



dear audience.. patience please.. this all just seems surreal ((just sou wait until jaka finally gets online blogging!!)).. and yet, we know what we are doing.. stay tuned.. we'll get back on track somehow.. peterM, perhaps the most comprehensible blogger around -- says we're spending university/EU money for a good cause here.. I definitely support this opinion..

hey guys, from a non-broken window-shop school here in Ljubljana where I hold the fort, it sounds like quite a roller-coaster for the beginning! I do hope the next of your days in Komiža will be a (positive) roller-coaster of creative explosion!
And lots of luck with that focus in the tunnels!