Olive oil + tomato sauce = blood

Like you have probably deducted from my previous posts we headed out to the island in the morning, this time with two boats, for it was time to shoot the scenes where the two fishermen are in the boat.

It went pretty smoothly, apart from a rocky sea and the intense heat (especially because we were stuck on the boats with no shade to hide in). Also, the ride took 40 minutes one way, so not too much fun. But hey, at least I’m on some pictures due to the fact that Mia wasn’t able to be on the boats, because it was too rocky. They’ll continue tomorrow and probably will be able to finish shooting with the actors, so only the underwater shots will be left for Saturday and hopefully I’ll be able to participate.


After we returned I did not go up the tunnels for a change, for I had to prepare for tomorrows filming of “The last man” (yeah, that’s the title I’m giving it, somewhat inspired by Clint Mansell). So I took some time to do research on the subject of fake blood and then scoured the shops for ingredients. Unfortunately there is no corn syrup or food colour anywhere in Komiža, so I’ll have to try and mix the blood from olive oil and tomato sauce. Hopefully it will look real enough in the darkness of the tunnels. I’ve also managed to recruit a DOP (cheers Ika) and write up the scenes that we need to shoot, so all that is left is the actual filming. Oh and I got the carton box to cut out the mask from, hooray.

And in the evening, as usual, we had the meeting. Which went even worse than the one yesterday. This is quickly deteriorating to a point where I’ll either explode or stop caring. Probably the second because I can’t afford to spare time and energy doing the work that the organisers and mentors are supposed to be doing. So I’ll just focus on my project and deepening the connections with my fellow colleagues here.

And now off to sleep, so I can wake up in the morning and start filming.



P.S.: Here’s the raw, unedited test shot from the tunnel that was supposed to be in yesterday’s blog but wasn’t in it due to the amazing upload speeds here.