sklopi oči skidaj sliku

..cicadas still echoing in my head, but this time I won't let them take over my blogging syntax, promised. and I swear to get economic with doubledotting. although the multi-layered creation and production flow here would actually call for even more blanks... anyways,this reality is just a consensual one: you people think you understand my writing about what I think I understand? double folded blind salto!

the most recent impression is a beautiful jamming combined with strict&thirsty work towards a final performance that just happened in the cinema hall (where we moved our workshop over, after being thrown out by those biggamefishingtrophyfetishists): claire, david, dina and ivan are so absorbed, gifted and funky we are still riding on a roller coaster of collectibve improvisation and idea sharing, taking us towards a min. 20min. concerto with three compositions: 1) Stipe (male offline problem dialogue) , 2) Miaentommy (fe:male exploration of space) 3) Ljubica (female chatter on fish), all of course performed live at the reading room public space on riva on saturday, wrapped up into david's kinect -- unless you come in, you will only see hands fiddling with tincans, shells, sewer pipes, ballot boxes etc. we are all rhythm by know, who knows what will bring us back. oops, this syntax got out of control -- just like our ambitious compositions do. actually, I can't believe these guys (none of them played any percussion before) are bravely shouting their solo's out. džildo will hopefully record us on friday, on the cinema stage. stay tuned!

tonight each KNMP member presents her/his work/concept/material in 60 seconds. so before catching a mini-siesta and finally doing my first serious take on the underwater cam (codename "the return of neptune"), a sequel to the "catharsis of neptune", on it's way to a trilogy. won't be easy, I want myself to dive in and out of the water (from bottom to a steady 20cm overwater with a clear horizont shot of the factory..) closing in on the neptune factory from 200+m distance.. hold your fingers crossed.. new let me give you an intimate chunk of the third part, still in stock from the inbetween time of the KNMPs, who knows if it will ever get there (sorry all of you english readers -- go learn some proper croatian):

ne spavaj hladan kamen
puknuti daljinu
otvori miris snova
viknuti vručinu
potopi tjelo bjelo
dirnuti suštinu

//now this is where peter.M's self-made photo should cut the pathetic crap of it all. to pter.M I actually promised to blog it.. but I first need it online.. I think it shows my subliminal concern about him getting overly pink in his epic adventures on the bunkers.. of course, guess where he is right now -- yep, up there again. good luck man. anyways, if you are thirsty of pictures -- go check out peter.M's blogs.//

..indeed, as peter.M already said, jaka's car broke down yesterday. won't get into dirty details, but good news as of now is that it (had to be towed to vis, and spare parts fetched from split..) will be fixed by friday, just in tame to get us back into the continental reality. a happy step for chalamade, a sad one for us3 I dare gather..

..komiža is komiža. no syntax here, all simultaneity. or rather:

sklopi oči skidaj sliku
besmislenotudjem liku
kao sestra kao majka
ne pristaje ti ova bajka
više leti dublje moli
dok te tuga puta
ne zaboli doboko
a on dalje luta
niz tvoje oko.


yeah man! and I particularly dig the postapocalyptic front against the sleepy mediterranean back-right..