forget dry feet during the tides of passion

students just came in with a bag of booze -- sa(i)d it's for the "after rajko party". while rajko grlic, il professore maggiore a.k.a. the doge of hilovv, is just having his fourth round of mentoring sessions in the splendid isolation of our venerable villa herion, the tide of expectations is getting ever higher -- both sides! good so, as night after night students are honestly dripping audiovisual blood in preparations for that reality check -- as much as they sincerely try to transfer those intricate craft processes of venetian shoe- violin-, grafitti-, pizza- and glassbeads-makers into the language of film, and also the non-film students seem to be enjoying being sunk ankle >> knee >> deep>>er into it all..

..feels somewhere similar, mentor-side, too: several teachers of the four partnering universities in hilovv who have worked with the students in the online research stage and then in the development of the scenarios here on site(s), have done their best, too -- and now finally ivan and miha have jumped in shoulder-to-shoulder with editing mentorship, clamping down on all those jump-cut and horse-head strayways, all until the crafting process is understood filmically clear first -- only then embellishments to the story and any digressions are allowed to be made. if any. "cruel but useful" as one of the students put it in our interim ad hoc evaluation round. happy I can help with a little percussion intervention for the soundtrack of the senegalese glassbead-maker who listens to salsa during work -- I think I feel like interpreting-in a little fingertip rainy crescendo.., with lavish rains coming in, on wednesday the infamous aqua alta (high tide that floods venetian streets and markets) is expected to reach 120cm, fedor just brought in a nice new pair of boots. luckily all the materials will have been shot by then -- though it will be hard to refrain from framing-in the pretty facades mirrored in the omnipresent waters, and tango with the venetians (most of the tourists fleeing these days) on the narrow catwalks that are being spread out through most of the streets since yesterday... (a different kind from last year's Aqua Alta di Creativita for sure.) students have decided that this year's omnibus should be titled "passion", and if only they bend it onto "venetian passion" eventually -- whatever progress (sic!) will have been made from last year's "venetian connection"..

..we promise the serenity will return to the serenissima after friday's final screening, with all the characters (also from last year's films) invited of course. make sure you pop by for a sip of prosecco and a chicchetto, after those 5 sharp short docus on the hidden lives of venetian carfts(wo)men will have been premiered: 30.11.2012, 19:00 on saint elena (fish's tip of the tail) in the deconsecrated vaults of the ex convento dei servi di maria. and all of you stuck in those boring shallows outside the lagoon -- do at least check some glimpses of The process then!