The Price of Cconfortability is tha Lack of Creativity

Just when I was thinking: great things are going smooth and on schedule, I am struck by being stuck at the airport terminal on Friday of the bank holiday weekend (that is an extended weekend in the UK). And I am thinking we are not impressed when systems crush on us and refuse sufficient information what is happening. As a result we get annoyed that we are not getting the service we all demand (yet alone deserve). This, however, allowed me to write a few thoughts down.

After the trip to Liverpool I was retrospectively thinking how successful (or not) planned meetings were. I was thinking on how alert people I meet are in discussions about our future of the creative (art) world. While talking about subjects that are not easy to answer people lose their focus, sometimes interest and are prone to dismiss it all together as if it will go away if we forget about issues.

Months after the incident at Stanstead airport I am still in search of a better answer on: what are you doing for the future (or our future in art, creative industries, etc.). It is tougher that it seems in the first place I am hearing. People get stuck, like myself at the airport terminal months ago. I am often asked in response what I think we are doing for the future. And I answer nothing (at all). Generally we are doing nothing much for our future. For our future at least that would be in respect beyond existing structure. Hedonistically we are chasing our own tails. But I may have been asking the wrong question. I should be asking: what should we be doing for the future?

The phenomenon of indifference I find mindboggling and irrational on the part of those who could (if not should) be actively engaged in thinking ahead. This indifference is blunting the edge of those few whose potential and drive is somewhat apparent. Thinking that someone else will take the lead and show others the way is one way to look at current “ideological crisis”. It is unbelievable that individuals are not strategising and brunching out away from the establishment. If for nothing else for the development of possible strategies we so desperately need in years to come.

I may not know the answer to what strategies are needed, but perhaps we can embark on focusing on intellectual profit to start with and refuse sole economic gain. Commercial art sector will (always) stay as a layer in our “cultural heritage” that is for sure, but maybe we can be upgrading our thinking replacing main stream commercial artefact with intellectual property that is readily available to everyone with a little effort (here I mean rejecting any sort of copyright, or safe keeping ownership, but that is another topic for another evening).

Just like the plane that did not arrive (on time), it arrived 5h later. Later we were told it was stranded at Lyon airport awaiting a new aircraft. People don’t seem to be bothered by the stagnation of the air. Many of them more often than not demand it to feel comfortable. The price of comfortability is the lack of creativity says Asian proverb. When that wishful change comes we will perhaps see how irrational the drive for sole economic gain was (although there is a great chance this may never happen). Until then we should keep the energy to “preserve” progressive thought for more fruitful occasions.


The information system that slows you down in order to make you consume more information is not a good one. Such that makes you produce more information (and less carbon exhaust?) is a better one. And then probably the best one is the one that makes you refuse to communicate altogether...