ISEA - Exploring the Zollverein

The stairs went up about three stories. At that moment I wasn't even sure if I was allowed to go up there. But I wasn't the only one going around there taking photos, so I just continued following the metal structure. When I got to the top of the stairs, I realized that this was not just an emergency exit behind the restaurant. There were many people passing by, all coming from the other direction.

As I kept going, following the metal construction, which had now turned into a long bridge, I started to realize that this walk was going to be a bit longer than just climbing up the stairs. The metal bridge was at least a hundred meters long, leading all the way over the wide terrain to the building on the other side. Under the long bridge were railroad tracks. Trains must have been driving up and down here once, transporting coal around the complex.

While following the path, still up on the bridge, I started to realize how big this complex is. The pathway, on which I was walking, is just a small part of the area. The complex is full with buildings, connected together with bridges, stairs and railroad tracks. These days the complex has been turned into a cultural area, but the industrial site still shows how it must have been.

While wandering around the area, amazed by the giant constructions, I realized that I could not recall anything from the lectures that morning...