ISEA - Dortmund

ISEA continues in Dortmund. I have driven back to the Netherlands from Essen, coming back to Dortmund on tuesday. I am amazed how close it is by car from Utrecht to Dortmund. It is just about the same as from Graz to Ljubljana. The car parking near the train station in Dortmund costs 9 euros per day. Very cheap compared to Utrecht.

In Dortmund the ISEA venues are all over the city. I quickly notice the ISEA signs, which have been connected with adhesive tape to street lights and traffic signs all over the center. I keep following the signs until I come to the university, where I walk into one of the Janez Jansa's. He guides me to the club where the morning session of ISEA is taking place. Inside a dark cinema, a young guy from Singapore is showing a very long video of himself jamming together with two other musicians. The jam session is nice, but it doesn't really fit into the idea of paper presentations and the organizer at the side of the room is gesturing anxiously to the moderator that he should stop the video.

Since I missed the first lectures that morning, it is not easy to follow the discussion that starts after the presentations. So I sneak out, buy a coffee and look at the people passing by. In the afternoon it will be time for my presentation, in which I will be talking about the relation between recycling arts and virtual reality...