Fifteen minutes at ISEA

I'm invited to Ruhr2010 to do a lecture at ISEA2010. ISEA is the biggest International Symposium on Electronic Arts. The event will take place from August 20 until August 29 in several cities of Ruhr2010 in Germany. I've been invited to do a lecture presenting my recycling arts work, which I would like to show in connection with my work in the virtual space.

I've been preparing my lecture for quite some time already, but only today I found out that just 15 minutes are reserved for my presentation at ISEA2010. I presented my work two years ago at ISEA2008 in Singapore and during that symposium each presenter had 30 minutes, 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions and answers. But in Dortmund only 1,5 hours are planned for 5 presenters.

So I will have to present my answer to the question of the relation between virtual reality and recycling arts in 15 minutes. Which creates a new problem in itself. Because I don't even know how to present the question in just 15 minutes... How can I explain the answer to the problem if I cannot even explain the problem?

I guess I will have to change my strategy now for this presentation. Maybe I will even have to read my own articles again on how to present an artist's statement. And I guess I will have to write a few articles very quickly now on how to present an artist's statement in just 15 minutes.