A summer soccer break

It has been a month now since I started writing for this blog. It is in the middle of July, Netherlands has just lost their most important game of the last decade and the temperatures are too high to even think about writing an artist's statement. So I will start a little summer break in my blog posts.

Instead of giving advice on how to present yourself online, I will post some photos and videos to keep you entertained during summer. And since soccer seems the only relevant topic, I'll start with posting some football related material.

The final game is finished and again Paul the Octopus made the correct prediction. But nonetheless today is the day that the Dutch team will tour Amsterdam. And for one last day the Dutch will go crazy again, supporting their national soccer team.

I've been living again in the Netherlands since September. But knowing Austria and Slovenia, I realize that it is nearly impossible to describe the Dutch craziness when it comes to supporting their national football team. So I'll share some photos with you of the area where I live now.

I took these photos last week in the city where I am staying now in the Netherlands. This is just a small town somewhere in the Netherlands. All over the country, from north to south and east to west, you could find similar looking houses and streets. Until sunday that was...

I am far away already by now, writing this article near Graz in Austria. I've never really understood this thing about soccer. But after being away for so many years, experiencing it all live again in the Netherlands, I have to admit, there is something special about it...

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