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Urška Djukić / student of MA program, Media Arts and Practice – modul film, School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica


Independent film, video and animation artist, focused on socially engaged themes. Draws from the local context, but includes elements of the surrounding cultural influences. As an external co-worker / video editor she cooperates with production companies. Interested in form, composition and humor and explores the use of these parameters to better emphasize the content.



2013: "Shaul / Rami" - short documentary film about Jews in Venice

2013: "Coffee" - short experimental video - study of a painting

2013: »Time« - short experimentalni video- study of time
2013: »Wind« - short experimentalni video- study of negative space
2012: »Super8 sister« - short experimental film (super8 film)
2012: »Shoes to mesure« – short documentary about making shoes by hand in Venice.
2012: »HISTeRIA« short documentary film about etno, puppet, site specific festival
2012: »Rabbit Hole« a short experimental video / film, deals with narration of images and sound, and explores the link, symbolism and cooperation between them. (WEYA 2012, NOTTINGHAM), (Isola Cinema 2012)
2010: »First day at work« a short fiction film (BJCEM 2011, ROME), (14. SLO. FILM PORTOROSE 2010), (ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2011)
2009: »Hair on my tongue« a series of 3 short activist documentaries with acute subjects: Death, Shopping, Pornography/ group work/ (MAKEDOX 2012)
2009: »Mr. Subconsciousness« a short fiction film about proces of individuation after Jung (12. SLO. FILM PORTOROSE 2009)
2008: »Kill the president« a short 2D animation (graphic)
2008: »Anger of the nature« a short 2D animation (drawings)
2007: »?« a short doku/experimental film about meet and awareness of our way of eating
2006: »Noisy Beasts«/ a short documentary about „Easy Riders“ and their way of living
2005: »Medžuvode« a short mixed 2D animation/video documentary about ethnical diversity in Medvode

Awards and recognitions:

- 2013// best film "Coffe"- 2. prize in FNF 2013 /Festival of independent film, Slovenia

- 2012 // best volunteer project award for EKOART-project // Volunteer of the year 2011, Slovenia

- 2012// EuroPass Mobility -for working on international art project Hidden Live(r)s of Venice.

- 2012 // EuroPass Mobility - for working on international festival of animation Monstra, in Lisbon, Portugal

- 2011 // Nomnation for ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2011

- 2011// Biennial of young artists from Europe and Mediterranean

- 2011// special award of the jury SPORTO 2011 for dokumentary ”Šport in šola z roko v roki”

- 2009 // EuroPass Mobility - for working on art project Mitica in Bucharest, Romania





Vrh obrazca


Prvi dan v službi / First day at work


Kratki igrani film / short fiction film (26min 42s)

The story, through a young girl introduces us to three alcoholics, who passively wait in timeless space for something to happen allowing them to move thair attention away from their misery. Coincidence leads to a crisis situation that evokes a reaction and development of anti-heroes to become heroes for a brief moment.