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DINOSAURS IN VENICE? //22.11.2012// 

Yes, I finally woke up in Venice, city of extremeness. It is fascinating, but to live here you have to get used to it. Everything is so intense and I still feel a little lost. Water everywhere, no hills just here and there you see a tree. Tourists all over. Museum city, which of course hides local people, and students, that you can easily miss if your sight doesn’t reach further than the infrastructure for massive tourism.

But when you turn in another direction and walk into a street that you don’t want to, then you see the beauty of fallen-apart fasades in the medieval labyrinth of this magical city. On the next corner you end up in a stinky restaurant with cheep bad food and you can’t believe that’s possible in Italy. On the wall you see a picture of a dinosaur in Venice, and the laughter makes the bed food more digestible. And then you realize, that Venice is like a big dinosaur being kept alive, for the fun of todays mankind.

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