Objave z oznako "KNMP"

..the heat is rising, rising slowly..
..productionwise, weatherwise, premierwise.. ..all soaring towards a KNMP-brand guaranteed social hangover after tonight's farewell -- and its probable extensions at the Kamenice beach..

..cicadas still echoing in my head, but this time I won't let them take over my blogging syntax, promised. and I swear to get economic with doubledotting. although the multi-layered creation and production flow here would actually call for even more blanks... anyways,this reality is just a consensual one: you people think you understand my writing about what I think I understand? double folded blind salto!

hi all, this is an ad hoc entry, from beneath of a scorching sunroof at 35C.. I hardly managed to get online in a bar here, called "speed" our anual KNMP headquarters.. it's lousy internet weather again in whole komiža, we're mostly offline, the tramontana wind (that nearly prevented me from returning back home after the morning swim out,looking for shells and urchin skeletons for our percussion group..) seems to be blocking the uplink especially..

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