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With the morning ritual firmly establish (jog+ swim), we began a new day. This morning I went with the film crew on a scouting expedition to the small island where the short film will be shot, and when I say small, I really mean it. You can cross it in a few long strides if you want. Before heading back to Komiža, the boat (250 horsepower, 50 miles per hour, yippee ki yay cowboy) took us to a wild beach where we gathered firewood necessary for the filming, where each of us could have gotten themselves replacement footwear and towels, even a beach umbrella.

Well, we survived the windows ordeal without too much harm done, and we even got a place that might have internet (if we manage to get the password to the wireless). After having moved all the equipment to the Galerija (double locked doors ahoy) we sat down and had the formal introductory session, with everyone speaking in turns and all that jazz.

Well, when I wrote yesterday that new adventures await I sure wasn't expecting something like this.














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