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Cezar is a professional forger of concert tickets. Because of his fake ticket, Andy is caught by police. He starts to blackmail Cezar because he's determined that Cezar should carry the consequences. Cezar hires Kojot and Slavc to solve the problem.

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Strange creature plays a piano.

Music: Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of fire

If you are addicted with your computer game, it can happen that Tetris blocks become alive and help you with your addiction.

Kenny, Stef and Zirafa are friends and as the majority of young people, they also face many teenage problems. Because they do not know what to do in their life and because of multiple distresses, particularly social, they are engaged in robbing. But Kenny wants to change his life for the better and stop this activity. Despite his objections, Stef finds a way to convince him to do their last robbery. They go and try to execute the robbery, but not all goes according to plan.

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A mouse eats the grass and a bird eats the mouse. On the top of the food chain are only the strongest and the biggest. Or are they?

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