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The School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica offers a three-year Bachelor's Degree programme in Digital Arts and Practices and a Master Degree programme in Media Arts and Practices.


October 3, 2016; gruentaler9, Berlin, Germany

Vabljeni k prebiranju eKnjig

A vimeo album of a work-in-progress. These videos are all single-shot, no editing, done with mobile phone, when staring at things...


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workshop in Komiža...


Our concept of researching the city Komiza trough new media begun with the title Women who rule Komiža. It sounds as a very promising topic and an utterly attractive one as well. And it was indeed. This topic led us to discover insides of Komiza and Komizan people aka: komizians. It is known that important jobs in this city are run by female directors. The mayor of the city is female as are the director of nautic center, director of school, director of elderly home, director of kindergarten, director of “komunala” system and a few more.

Brief (link-rich) info page on the MA in Media Arts and Practices Programme of the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts.

The second day of Visioneca was paced somewhat differently than the strict 50-film staccato of the day before, with host-of-the-day Bob Cotton's very own fluxus manner. Still I wonder, how do the English manage to get things done quite precisely on time, but looking as if punctuality or schedules were the last thing they cared about. So again, I shall mention only the most memorable: Kavi, a sunrising graduate student from Bournemouth, presented her BA project "cerebral interface" and even though it didn't work live on Paul's head, it left a convincing impression (and optimism) of the things to come -- visualizing states of mind,  the wild dream of many a media artist of the last century. 

Getting digitally dressed up for the "Designs on eLearning" 2012 conference at the University of The Arts London (Sep 5-7, 2012) under the motto of "Crowd and cloud: towards a collaborative future":

Just like last year the School of Arts participated in the Komiža New Media Port (Video Vortex Summer School) international gathering in Komiža on the island of Vis, Croatia, July 7-15, 2012. Lead by renowned artists Dan Oki and Dalibor Martinis the summer school joined 24 students and mentors from 6 art schools (Zagreb, Brighton, Reka, Gent, Split, Nova Gorica) in an 8-day multi-process of workshops, research-based productions, conceptual experimentation, and good fun.

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