Samostojna razstava Lavoslave Benčić z magistrskim projektom "Emil Benčić − Od izkušenj do neskončnosti"

Na samostojni razstavi v Rovinju Lavoslava Benčić predstavlja svoj magistrski projekt - multimedijsko virtualno tematsko pot poimenovano Emil Benčić − Od izkušenj do neskončnosti. Razstava je del multilokalnega in multitemporalnega festivala MAP IN MOTION.

Otvoritev v četrtek, 4. septembra ob 20.30. V soboto, 6. septembra ob 10. uri srečanje z avtorico.

Virtual thematic route Emil Benčić - From Experience to Infinity

The topic of the virtual thematic route Emil Benčić - From Experience to Infinity. is the creation and implementation of the activities about the importance of the artistic work of Croatian artist, Emil Benčić (1930-2011). My mission is to ensure that knowledge about Emil Benčić will survive physical limitations of human life and permanently to encode it for future generations through new media methods and preserved in new media space.
The final output is the geo-located augmented reality virtual thematic route/exhibition in eight pavilions/bodies (virtually) positioned and stored in the new media space, located on Istrian peninsula Punta Bussola. The contents/subprojects are created in a variety of new media techniques and using different tools: photography, graphical sound, video, digitalisation, database, hypermedia, gamification, storytelling, performance, augmented reality, geo-referencing, 3D modelling and software on mobile devices for specific aspects of virtual exhibitions.
Core target group are tourists and weekenders. Their task is to explore and enjoy Emil Benčić works and newly created new media works on their mobile devices.