What is MA all about for me

The idea for the film Family reunion was just to make a short video test for a feature film. But little by little it became a work in itself. Death of the main character is a metaphor for getting out of the family Pandora's Box. I didn't think of physical death much, but I used it to show how it can happen that in such a critical moment members of a family can't go over own selfish pain, anger and pity. It is the story about repressed loves manifested through negative emotions and about difficulties to accept each other as we are. The film is showing that people who are less involved with a dying man can be of greater help. I guess that's my life experience and often I recognize it around me. The film is a kind of confession and could be that each of my work is, but I discover it when it's done. Otherwise I would be blocked to create them. But this is my inner process and maybe I don't need school for it.

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