How Rog Multifested the Manitudes of LOGOS

After the rather optimistic kickoff on 12.12.12. at 12:12:12 and -12 Centigrades, the baffling "online month" began. We were all more/less trying to make "joint online preparation of international workshop participants" actually happen. For what? For the "LOGOS - Multitude Manifestations of Rog" short mobility run within our bravely piloting "Media Arts and Practices" programme. What for?

Confined to their local solitudes more/less far away from the site-specificity of Rog, the carefully selected applicants should have "acquired the basics of parametric 3d-modelling and -printing". And parallel to that, some of them practically did "research on the existing practices and discourses in and around Rog - to scrape out possible identification pathways for developing algorithmic artifacts...". But mostly, as the first day of the workshop proved, they left all those "remote impressions" (Ivana B.) gradually swell into >> >> read&click more