the curiosity cabinets of cloud-wired brain

A rude awakening after long but pleasant walk home, when London streetlights were conquered by moonlight, for a change. At least in my tempranillo-biased inward eye. No place to pee unfined, all potential shady corners occupied by homeless people, heads resting on unpadded concrete. Will they ever use ipads. For Learning.The barcamp was short but good. Had my little sweet revenge on Apple by making people beat down on ther ipads -- gently of course, with style:


Neither Lumet's "switch off" command, nor any East London DJ would have gotten those cerebrally eroticised academics to dance after such a lavish and tasty dinner, even though wine was going down cats&dogs. With Emily, Owen and Paul we gave our best -- to nod ourselves off into joining the feast, in sitting. Graham was rightfully afraid that food was never gonna stop coming:


But eventually and after midnight, there were beatboxers round the corner to sooth the soul /c.f. pic below/


Oh btw, my presentation on "Videoscanning (in) an Art School Community"went really well, people pleasantly perplexed with my headcam intervention, asking to see the video "in peace" of the online ether. so HERE IT IS!

What did I learn today, besides that we are on the rihgt tracks with wikis and that ipads are fab for film courses and that con-creation is inscribed into the new media condition of t&l, and, well, I am back to believe into the grassroots potentials of emerging one<>many<>one teaching&learning models, inspired by Arts Brighton's Bruce Brown's keynote. Not much!? Well then, tomorrow there's Usman Haque's keynote I am really looking fwd too. And next ear they say we'll do an ipad percussion orchestra -- which ever way the ipads are gonne end up turned...


Time is really short (even of relative) at DeL, no time to swallow it all --- e,g, a lovely little getaway from lunch with Paul Lowe and the funky Penn State crew to the curious Soane museum (go there!, getting into the brain of an ingenious 18th cent. architect, traveler and manic collector of beautiful stuff, all still there to see, inside his brainhouse.., p.s. participating in a collective game, for a really cute project there by the name of ds106 I animated this GIF about how did I learn to love e-learning (//scroll down please).

OMG, this editor freaked out with my image-text setting. on guard! (and my battery's gone, so I am too, will reedit tomorrow /-night.. or perhaps.. morning -- who know's Paul's taking us to a journalists's club dinner place, an if these places are half as wicked as back home..)