into the crowd above the cloud

Woke up through a nice stroll from Bloomsbury to Holborn, post-gentrified but (therefore?) inspiring with all those swarms of cyclists and runners. The (para)olympics must have hit hard the 21st century commodified consciusness. But behold the (neo)millenials don't run or cycle -- while pinching into their ipads, they don't look where they are going..
..or do they (know better)? And when ever I return to London -- I marvel at the parking-lots reserved for "DOCTOR"s (in front of their general practice studios), and wonder of there's ever going to be "TEACHER"s lots?  What about "ARTIST"s!? Comfy bicycle lots -- or showers perhaps? Well , once a keen cyclist starts driving for 100kms to school daily, you're condemned to cars I guess - at least in Slovenia..

..but over to you my dear audience, those reading all this  -- and those lavished today @ this conference of a small crowd among the high clouds of the learning futures (of the commodified west?) at half past three with my video-backed (online soon, sorry I was fiddling with it until midnight..) performative academic+ presentation. You're in for a little extra layer of video-reflection -- when I grabbed my headcam from the table yesterday and put it in my bag I did not know exactly why, I just did. When I woke up I knew exactly -- I need to videorecord the presenter's view, I'll later analyze their and my own (mis)understandings :) , guess I should just throw them in as another layer of the video..

The tech in the presentation room worked supersmoothly when I checked it in the morning, making it easy to tune the mic-amplified voice to the video sound levels, and I can do it during the presentation easily. Performing at the College of Fashion, where apart from chairs in 4 different tasty colors, the walls are all empty -- must be because the semester hasn't kicked in yet. I'll tell you when it's over (or you'll see in my video, just had a PiP idea flash to edit the headcam view into the presented video..).. and I'll look back at it -- soon after looking forward to the Shoreditch house dinner/party tonight, for which selected (sic!) participants were invited to prepare short DJ sets on their smartphones/pods -- I'll rock the floor safely first with some mellow Rubin Steiner, St. Germain etc. breaky tunes, and then dare experiment with Senor Coconut's merengue reworkings of Kraftwerk as well as some spanish-gipsy style urban rumbas... And there's always a straightforward club-jazz set for backup, straight post-ethiopian funk. Paul will surely come up with northern sould at its most wicked -- no - sleep - till - Shoreditch..

..Steve Molyneux's keynote just started off, quite euphorically! Let's lIsten -- I'll keep u posted, stay tuned..
//+ an ad hoc klick, via Steve, on neomillenials:
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