Sweet, but short

Here we go, the last blog in the #KNMP 2012 series. Two days late because of all the partying after the exhibition and because I fell asleep behind the computer on the night of our return.

After breakfast I quickly started working on the footage, cutting away the unneeded parts and sifting through Adrian’s material which proved a bit troublesome due to the fact that it was all shot from hand. But I had an ace up my sleeve. For I noticed that Johnie (Ivan) was bored out of his mind, having finished his project the previous day, so I kindly asked him to assist me (many thanks mate) with the editing (him being a wizard and all that). Which he gladly did and I must say we made a good team, tossing ideas left and right and although we did not manage to finish before the exhibition we set up a good base for me to finish later (already working on it now that I am back home). And I wasn’t under pressure to finish because I want it to be properly done, not rushed, and because I did not want to put Dinko in an unpleasant situation with his fellow locals, due to the nudity in my film.


So the hour of the exhibition came upon us (we only pushed it back twice, each time for an hour >_>) and pETER’s percussion group performed at the opening ceremony. While I have heard them before (having curiously attended their practice sessions) most of the other members heard the performance for the first time, and so did the locals present, and I think they were pretty stunned by the quality of the whole thing. So a big thumbs up for the Percussionists of the Square table! After a thunderous round of applause we retreated and allowed the visitors to enjoy the exhibition. The attendance was quite decent, especially because we were contending with the final night of the Big Game fishing and because we were pretty lousy with our marketing. But the feedback was mostly positive, so all in all we can be satisfied with our work (I liked most of the works exhibited).


What followed after we closed the exhibition shall not be put to words, let’s just say we had a lot of fun until the early hours, when Perči & Perči as the two last men standing (wet and salty from a late night swim) waved off the British and Belgian delegation who were catching an early flight.

And two hours or so later we were eating breakfast, packing, checking up whether all of the school equipment was accounted for. Which was followed by the thing we all hate the most, goodbyes. But bonds have been made, phone numbers and e-mails exchanged, hugs given and smiles shared.

It was time for SS Čalamadé and its crew to return.


The trip back was smooth and uneventful, filled with music and quiet contemplations of what has been, is and might be, for all three of us are richer for ideas, friends and opportunities.

It was an intensive, sweet if short workshop in Komiža. Thank you guys, it was great and I hope we’ll see each other again soon.








P.S.: Hey Dina…bananas!