Chocolate salty troll

Yeah I know I'm late with this blog, but after two dinners a meeting and bar kidnapping I just wasn't able to get back to the computer to write it. So here you have it, morning edition for the previous day.

Well, the morning did not start as planned. Not at all. First I could not wake my camera operator, so I ate breakfast and returned to my room to prepare the mask and the fake blood. The mask went all right but the blood was a real pain in the arse and there was no way I was going to make it work (due to the lack of proper ingredients, since there’s no corn syrup or food colouring on the island). So I went with plan B and just bought a two bottles of chocolate syrup which works just as fine if you are shooting in black and white. Having prepared everything I went to check on the camera operator once again and this time I actually managed to wake her up, but she was in no condition to hike uphill in scorching heat, so I sent her back to sleep and set out by myself.


First stop, the alleys of Komiža and pETER as a dead man (cheers mate, but next time there is no need to lie on the scalding hot pavement). After that I began ascending past the graveyard and the monastery, up the road to the trash heap. Oh and I have to mention to shooting process because it was rather hilarious (but also tiring). It went something like this: set up the shot, press record, run to the starting position, act the part, run back to the camera to stop recording to preserve batteries. So it was up and down and up and down. It’s also rather hard to frame a shot when there’s no one standing in front of the camera.


Having finished with the trash heap I made my way to the tunnel where the real fun began. Discarding clothing in the dark and tripping over them, that sort of stuff. Covering myself in chocolate, which meant that for a short moment I was the sweetest thing on the island, though only for a moment, because not long after I was just stick. And salty. Especially because I came alone I did not have enough water to wash it all away, so I trekked back to Komiža still covered in chocolate, with my clothes sticking to me like glue.


Having returned to the hotel exhausted and thirsty (having used all my water trying to wash myself) I simply sat down in the shower, still clothed, and sat there for half an hour, letting the cool water wash away the dust and chocolate off me. No more chocolate salty trolls. Having refreshed myself and eaten dinner it was time for the evening meeting, where we showcased how are project was doing. We also watched Oki’s short film which they shot during the previous KNMP and I must say that I quite liked it (it’s about a lesbian couple in Komiža in the 50’s).

And then it was time for another dinner, this time at Dinko’s aunt, to which the whole filming crew was invited. And boy, what a dinner it was. Octopus salad, fish stew, pasta and tasty wine (well, no idea about the wine really, but I liked it). Good company, good food, what more can one want. We made merry and there was laughter all around, so much of it in fact, that we were hushed a few times. The atmosphere was really jolly, to such a point that at one point there was a prolonged discussion about boobs (mind you, mostly between the mentors present >_>). As the time crawled toward 2 am I walked Claire toward the hotel and then I was planning to go write the blog you’re reading now, but I was hijacked by the other guys in the Speed bar. And all of a sudden it was four thirty in the morning (but hey, lots of fun and good discussions, especially with Mary).

So, there you have it. Now I’m off to edit my film. Oh, and expect the next blog to be probably late as well, since tonight there’s the exhibition and we all know what follows after that. Right?