the stream of cicadas

hi all, this is an ad hoc entry, from beneath of a scorching sunroof at 35C.. I hardly managed to get online in a bar here, called "speed" our anual KNMP headquarters.. it's lousy internet weather again in whole komiža, we're mostly offline, the tramontana wind (that nearly prevented me from returning back home after the morning swim out,looking for shells and urchin skeletons for our percussion group..) seems to be blocking the uplink especially.. but I am glad that peterM alias Troll is so keen on veristically keeping track of all we do(n't do), and posting all that great foto&video that I do not need (and have the uplink) to.. I think he just -- photographed me, writing this -- so well, all of you scattered tourists, especially those sailing down south, come join us good labourers here in this crazy multilayered komiža (sur)reality.. we're just having coffee at heatpeak of the day.. why not beer? had too much ystrdy nght.. too hot to eat, let's skip that or just grab a komiška pogača.. peterM says "apocalypse now".. agree.. ((and katarina.p.M. will insert "skinny dipping" into any blank suspicious spot she may find..)).. wait, is this a tiny cloud above us? hallucinations probably.. discussing afternoon underwater filming plans with another group ((jaka, get me those fins from the car please!)) doing an animation project, perhaps connecting it with kobe's kinect set -- the usual kinect-based wet dreams, deus ex MSmachin.. // looking forward for the evening percussion session with my group -- claire finally found sardine tincans scattered around the neptun factory, great.. plus a washing-machine barrel.. david got himself unused sewer pipes and a broken steal chair + he will be veejaying adrian goycoleas archived footage of komiža historcal films and photos; typical multitaksing komiža; dina will have lemons to drum upon (+ she invented, overnight, a beautiful tincan improvisation we're gona definitely use), ivan is developing a marimba kind of instrument from palmtree branches, we already have two composition drafts, one is the tincan-impro-based "komižan women chattering about the fish catch of today.. what's cooking Ljubica..", the other one is more macabre, "2 komižan old men at riva troubleshooting internet frustrations -- Stipe can't skype his longlost girlfriend in san pedro, CA..", we'll connect this with kinect, and probably perform at the army bunkers with their stupendous echoe quality, all directed by wim of course -- well, he would want to have a piano up there, the only problem is that jaka's car bottom bumped onto rocks 5 times on the way.. so forget the piano wim.. but we'll think of somethig else for sure.. /%)&%##"!&$%$%#%#%&/$!&, wait was this ajust a fingertip solo!?).. when the heat relaxs a bit.. is all this cicadas concerto no.5 -- crescending only in may head!?