The University of Nova Gorica School of Arts has been awarded accreditation as an Academy by the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. In English it retains the naming as the School of Arts.

The School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica is a dynamic school offering up-to-date studies with regard to teaching methods as well as teaching staff. In fostering our students' development, we pursue a personal approach, support e-learning, are intermedia friendly, and practice interdisciplinary cooperation. 

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts Brochure as e-book or pdf

We value each student as an independent and creative personality developing in the group and community. With innovative approaches to teaching, research, and production processes, we encourage independent creative and academic student work, led by a group of expert mentors. Mentors and guest lecturers are carefully selected, the decisive factor being their excellence in contemporary practice as well as academic reputation. This ensures that high quality and up-to-date knowledge and skills are provided to students. Project work in extracurricular environments during the period of study provide students with valuable experience working on real and complex projects. Thus, students acquire work experience and references in their selected field already during their studies. After graduation all of this enables a smooth and quick transition to professional production environments or further studies.

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    Studying in Slovenia as a foreign student is cheapest, "most affordable in all Europe." (The Independent, 2015)

The School of Arts was founded in 2008, upon the fifteen years of experience of the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts. The new school continues to evolve and develop innovative ways to provide knowledge and skills through practical examples and contextual projects. Basic school activities are centred on the notion of art and broadening the application of art, from creative industries to specific interactions with science and technologies, as well as interdisciplinary media production contexts.

The School of Arts currently offers a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts and Practices, and a follow-up Master of Media Arts and Practices programme


Situated right on the boarder between Italy and Slovenia, the twin towns of Nova Gorica and Gorica are situated at the mouth of the stunning Soča Valley and well connected both regionally (Vipava valley, Goriška Brda, Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice), and internationally (Milan, Vienna, Zagreb, Rijeka). The close connection of the Slovenian Nova Gorica with the Italian neighbor (twin-) town Gorizia enables students diverse forms of activities and cooperation both within and outside of the academic environment.   

After collaborating at reviving the historical Fužine castle (1994 - 2004, as Famul Stuart) and facing the modern numb passage of Bežigrajski dvor (2004 - 2012), both in Ljubljana, the School of Arts continues to interact with neighbouring and more distant surroundings in the Gorica region, first in the historical Gorica (2012 - 2019) and since December 2019 in Rožna Dolina, Nova Gorica. >> More about the school spaces and Yearly Show Photo Galleries


University of Nova Gorica School of Arts Brochure as e-book or pdf

Information for international students at the University of Nova Gorica (accomodation, visas, working permits, etc.) – brochure (PDF)