Admission requirements

The School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica offers a three-year Bachelor's Degree programme in Digital Arts and Practices (max. 15 students per year admitted) and a two-year Master Degree programme in Media Arts and Practices.

The admission requirements are assessment of artistic ability  passed (submitted materials & interview, 90% weighted value) and the applicant’s grade-point average in previous education (10% weighted value). For more information see specific documents below.

Foreign candidates can apply for both programmes and receive more information on the study programme and admission requirements at the School of Arts Office, or +386 51 33 67 70. Please note that most lectures in Digital Arts and Practices programme are in Slovene language, while some are in English; most of our teaching and administration staff do, however, understand and speak English and Serbian/Croatian.

BA Application submission deadlines (2019/2020):

For EU citizens:
1st round: *prolonged until April 9* from 12 February until 18 March 
2nd round: from 20 August until 28 August 
*3rd round: from 1 September until 20 September
(*If there are still study spaces available after the 2nd application round, the institution will make a 3rd round or until places are taken with prior rector’s decision, but all applications have to be completed until 26 September.)

Submission deadlines for Non-EU candidates:
1st round: from 12 February until 30 March
2nd round: from 1 May until 1 July
3rd round: from 1 August until 1 September

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>> Open Days - dates and locations

MA Application submission deadlines (2019/2020):

1st round: from 12 February until 30 March 
2nd round: from 1 April until 1 July 
3rd round: from 1 August until 1 September
*exceptional application dates from September 10 - 26 (*If there will be free spaces after the third round, we will be accepting applications until all spaces are taken, in a way that enrollment will be possible only until September 26 2019. The above deadlines apply to all candidates, both EU citizens or candidates with a permanent residence in Slovenia as well other candidates.)

>> More about the Media Arts and Practices Programme and Admission Requirements

>> Open Days - dates and locations

Candidates are welcome to visit the school especially during semester production shows and on Open Days, but also outside of these.

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